Sel Berdie's BSKT Cafe is doing all the right things & much more
4 Lavarack Rd, Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast, Qld, Australia

BSKT Cafe's menu is extensive - cafe favourites plus healthy dishes

BSKT 'Healthy Bene', just right - $17.00

Selasi Berdie and his partners opened BSKT Cafe in June, 2013 and have gained a reputation for serving a great range of healthy food and drinks. Located beachside on the cnr of Lavarack Rd and Albatross Ave just next to the Nobbys Beach surf club, makes this a very handy cafe to most people living or visiting central Gold Coast.


Great to see when everything to make a business is implemented and the results show.

Deep Purple Smoothie - $8.00

Blueberries, Berry Protein, Pomegranate - not sweet at all, nice

Coffee was also very well made & just right - $4.00

Paleo Granola - $15.00 - easily our top pick, just stunning

Nuts, Berries, Seeds, Coconut, Maqui with Almond Milk & Coconut Sorbet

BSKT Cafe granola to go

BSKT Gluten Free Donuts - $5.00

The Thermogenic Shotgun Coconut Cacao Coffee - $7.00

Just wasn't my taste but I am sure others would love it

The Grazing Board to share - $39.00

A taste of BSKT favourites inc Seared Wild Tuna, Bang Bang Chicken Wings & more

The BSKT Team - chef Alex (2nd L) & Owner Sel (R)

Great friendly service, extensive, healthy & innovative menu & decent pricing

Friday & Saturday House Nights

3 Course dinner & a glass of wine for $45.00 pp

Snapshot by
Corey Tai
Mermaid Beach Gold Coast Qld Australia


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