Christine & John's Dim Sum Delights at Robina is our #1 (so far)
219 Ron Penhaligon Way, Robina, Gold Coast, Qld, Australia

Steamed Siu Mei Dim Sum - $4.80

Eaten this iconic Yum Cha dish all over the world - this is as good as you can get!

Christine Chui and John Lei are the wife and husband team that is Dim Sum Delights. Located in a small group of shops away from the hustle & bustle of Robina Town Centre or nearby Broadbeach. Typical suburbia Chinese restaurant that serve both Cantonese a la carte and Yum Cha for lunch and a la carte for dinner - Dim Sum dishes made to order during dinner service. Decor is simple and surprisingly spacious for a Chinese eatery. 


Dim Sum Delights is the third Yum Cha restaurant we have shot in our 'Let's Do Yum Cha - Gold Coast' series and is the best( so far) for the stunning dishes, very reasonable price and the personal service by the owners & operators, Christine & John and their well trained and friendly staff. 


I can't wait to sample John's a la carte Cantonese dishes in the near future. You 'foodies' should not wait to sample Christine & John's Yum Cha dishes BUT please book on weekends!


Salt & Pepper Calamari - $7.80. Crispy & tender

Pan Fried Shanghai Dumplings - $4.80

All dishes are very generous in size

Four Seasons Beans with minced pork - $6.80

Another top quality dish from John - perfectly cooked beans

Everybody's favourite, 'Haw Gow' Steamed Prawns Dumpling - $5.80

Thin Rice Flour skin & fresh prawns - another top dish

Pan Fried Sticky Rice - $5.80 - very nice

Unusual that it was pan fried & not steamed in Lotus leaves.

The Team at Dim Sum Delights Chinese Restaurant

Combination Prawns Dumplings - $4.80

Steamed BBQ Pork Buns - $4.80

Soft fluffy dough filled with BBQ pork

The famous Singapore Noodles - $13.80

Probably the ONLY average prepared dish

The Yum Cha order docket

Be careful, very easy to keep ordering & run up a sizeable bill!

Salt & Pepper White Bait - $7.80

Crispy with just the right salt & pepper seasoning - great

Another Yum Cha 'Classic' - Egg Custard Tart

All Yum Cha restaurants make this dish, not many does it so well!

Snapshot by
Corey Tai
Restaurant Takeaway Robina Gold Coast Qld Australia


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