For 'foodies' who love cooking - can't get better than this ...
Wichayanon & Wang Sing Kham Rds, Chiang Mai, Thailand

PART 1 - Dawn - Maung Mai Market

An early start is best - sunrise over Rimping Condo from the market.

The Maung Mai wholesale market is located in the northern Thai city of Chiang Mai, which is about an hours flight from the capital Bangkok. The market is on the Ping River and next to the American Embassy. The many stalls are spread over many streets and alleyways. Most of the produce stalls are wholesale only, selling their 'bulk' produce to smaller markets, food vendors, restaurants & hotels, so if you want a 10kg bag of fresh tomatoes, it is only 90THB (AUD3.00)  

Maung Mai Wholesale produce market and the Retail Warorot general market nearby are both 'Must Visits' when you are in Chiang Mai - just don't eat before you come.

Look out for Part 2 of the Maung Mai Wholesale produce market next week.



Daikons - AUD1.00 buys THB30 which makes these AUD0.50c/kg - super cheap & fantastic

Still dark but streets are busy. Vendors are all setup & to go

Fresh Limes & more limes

Best to get here by latest 6am. It will take you about 2 hrs to see most things

Pomelos - when they are in season, it is in my top 3 fruits

Imagine a grapefruit but very sweet & very juicy

Typical fruit vendor selling a great variety of fruits

Maung Mai Market is open every morning

The 'Queen' of Fruits - Mangosteen - another favourite

Guess what is the 'King' of Fruit?

Baby Egg Plants - used in many dishes including curry.

Buying bulk is insanely cheap eg a 10kg bag of tomatoes is under AUD3.00

A happy owner of this fruit stall.

The market sells fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat & all sorts of herbs & spices

One of the more unusual fruits in Thailand - must find out the name

Pineapples are everywhere, cheap, super sweet & juicy

Buy one & the vendor will cut it for you - only AUD0.50 each

Asian Red Papaya - aromatic, sweet & juicy!

Totally different from Australian 'Paw Paw'.

Young coconuts - all ready to be eaten

Truckloads can be seen everyday coming into town

Monkey Bananas - size of a big big thumb

20THB for a full hand is only AUD0.70. One day old are only 15THB per hand

Vendor & his Green Mangoes

Widely eaten fresh & used in many Salads

Watermelons, like most other fruits in Thailand are just so nice.

Yellow melons have a slightly different taste - still very nice

Oranges galore

Fruits in Thailand don't always look perfect like in Australia but they taste a 100 times better

A Foodies heaven - fresh herbs & spices everywhere

A customer buying his produce for his food stall

Interesting guy

Lots & lots of fresh mushrooms

Many varieties can be found at this market.

Carrots by the bag - very large ones - AUD4.00 for the bag

Look out for Part 2 of this fotoblog next week - cheers

Exposure by
Corey Tai
Chiang Mai Thailand


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