Mecca Bah Broadbeach - a North African & Middle East experience
3 Oracle Blv, Broadbeach, Gold Coast, Qld, Aust

Roasted Pumpkin Salad

Toasted cumin seeds, pinenuts & Shanklish cheese

Mecca Bah is North African, the Middle East & Morocco. All your senses tell you that as soon as you enter the restaurant. Great effort has been made to tranform you to a 'Casablanca' experience - both the look and feel and of course the wonderful aromatic food. Mecca Bah food is best enjoyed 'shared' and the best way is for a group of four 'foodies' to share six or so of their dishes. 

Even if you haven't travelled to the Middle East or North Africa - Mecca Bah will be a great introduction. 


Turkish Coffee with a 'delight'

Mecca Bah is located in the upmarket Oracle food precinct of Broadbeach

Turkish Delight - love it!

Definitely not expensive for the total experience

Duck baklava - great starter or shared dish & probably my pick

Menu is very extensive

Mecca Bah Ice Creams were a nice surprise - great varieties

North African influence is everywhere

Casablanca & Humphrey Bogart would feel very at home at Mecca Bah

Lamb sfiha - open pastry with spiced tomato, mint & lemon

Lamb meatball tagine & egg & spicy tomato sauce

Tunisian Merguez sausage pizza, roasted & marinated red peppers, cracked egg

There is a very large selection of Pizzas at Mecca Bah

Look & feel of Mecca Bah is definitely Moroccan/North African

Way to really enjoy Mecca Bah is sharing a few dishes

Orange Blossom Cheesecake with pomegranate, rashberry & honey syrup

Served with any flavour of Mecca Bah's artisan ice cream - $12.50

Snapshot by
Corey Tai
Restaurant Broadbeach Gold Coast Qld Australia


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