Joanne Nimmo's The Modern Grocer is right in the centre of town
1/3 Wollumbin St, Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia

The Modern Grocer - charming cafe, deli & gourmet sandwich bar

Assorted 'treats' - hazelnut amaretti, G/F fudge brownie, Greek lady finger choc baklava & kourabiedies

The Modern Grocer is a charming cafe, deli & gourmet sandwich bar that reminds me of your local deli and sandwich shop when I was growing up in suburban Melbourne. But Jo Nimmo's deli is located in the fantastic 'Tweed & Northern River's' region of northern NSW. 


Serving simple but delicious cafe and deli food is The Modern Grocer's strength - no fuss and no pretence, a great plus for people of Murwillumbah. 


Unfortunately Jo's cafe & deli is only opened till 1pm on Sat and not opened on Sunday for visitors from Brisbane and Gold Coast - my suggestion is to plan an early trip to Murwillumbah on Wednesday, go to the fantastic Murwillumbah's weekly Farmer's market for great local produce and then drop in to The Modern Grocer for lunch or afternoon tea.





Toasted Banana Bread with Pistachio Butter - $5.50

Simple dish but was perfect with my coffee - really good

Lots of wall menus - this is the drinks menu

Coffee was well made & creamy - $3.50

Warm, charming rustic atmosphere & decor

Very 'chocolatey' Hot Chocolate - $3.50

Jo Nimmo - owner & operator - a passionate foodie

Cream of Cauliflower soup with a pancetta & blue cheese crumb - $9.50

Breakfast Menu - lots of healthy options

Ham & Brie on black sesame bagel

Option of bagel, wraps, sourdough or sandwich breads

Razuu.Com 'Recommends' The Modern Grocer

Snapshot by
Corey Tai
Takeaway Deli Murwillumbah NSW Australia


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Madi of India posted at 2015-01-23 on 12:50:07
Very stylishhhh! I'm hanging out for the best coffee and a salad sandwich with cheese and the best chutney me a seat!
Carmen of Australia posted at 2014-09-27 on 21:00:59
Couldn't agree more. I love the Modern Grocer and am lucky enough to be local so I don't have to make a special trip to enjoy the joint. Great coffee, always tasty food (especially the little treats Jo always seems to have on the counter), lovely atmosphere and the only cafe in Murwillumbah with a view of Mt Warning I think.