Murwillumbah Farmers Market - every Wednesday 7.00am to 11.00am
Showgrounds, Qld Rd, Murwillumbah, Northern Rivers, NSW, Aust

Peter Smith from the All Natural Meat Co

One of the stallholders at the Murwillumbah Farmers' Market

Murwillumbah Farmers’ Market offers some of the finest and freshest produce from the Tweed Valley and Northern Rivers.

At this market REAL farmers sell their own FRESH produce most of which comes from within a 55 kilometre radius. The market’s priority is to support local farmers and keep road miles to a minimum. A small range of produce including freshly picked crisp apples, muscat grapes (seasonal only), northern rivers processed olives and oz rice – are from a little further afield where the climate better and growing conditions are better suited to this produce.

The market delights in passing on the provenance of its produce together with helpful tips for its preparation and cooking. Visit the market's Facebook page for weekly updates on produce.

Some of the 'sweeter' stallholders.

Murwillumbah is in the beautiful 'Northern Rivers' region of far north NSW

Great atmosphere

You’ll love the atmosphere. The market is developing a reputation for its wonderful vibe, camaraderie and a place to catch up with friends each Wednesday. Freshly brewed coffee, teas, smoothies and juices along with bagels, wood fired pizzas, Mediterranean tarts, samosas, muffins, baklava, chia pudding and a variety of sweet treats means that you find locals enjoying social gatherings with friends, great conversations with the producers and wonderful live music.

Nimbin Valley Dairy's cow & goat milk & cow milk yogurt

Great setting for the market at the Murwillumbah showgrounds

A variety of produce

The market offers the freshest seasonally available fruits (incl. dragon fruits, strawberries, blueberries), vegetables, dairy, artisan cheeses, olives, macadamia and pecan nuts, honey, avocados,  rice, salad greens, eggs, freshly baked artisan breads, conserves and preserves, locally caught seafood, meat, and much more. There is also a selection of certified organic fruit, vegies, meat and dairy.  And much more so check out the Markets "What's New" web page. 

While the end of August sees the last of the locally grown citrus with only lemons and limes available for a little longer, the market is looking forward to the return of locally grown blueberries by the bucket and next year it is also hoping to offer organic kiwi fruit.


Trish Fendley from Mt Warning Bakehouse - pies & breads

The amazing Mt Warning dominates the region - a great place to explore.

Coming soon! During September and October new stalls planned for the market will include:

The Chai Harem with their delightful range of chai and herbal teas, comfy cushions to relax on in an exotic tent draped with colour and infused with charm.

Eco Garden Shop is bringing dehydrated and fermented foods, kale chips, and a haloumi and quinoa breakfast roll. Their products will be value adding to produce grown on their farm at Currumbin and produce from the farmers’ market. 


And a vast array of Argentinian inspired foods including baked empanadas, Argentinian chorizo, baked polentas and a range of bakery items will soon join the MFM.

Mt Warning Bakehouse's chicken & mushroom pie.

Murwillumbah is only 13km from the Queensland border.

Narbey's Best Avocados. The market has lots of organic produce.

The aim of the market is to showcase local produce,foods & farmers.

Heather & Kevin from Mountain View 'free range' eggs & mushrooms

Try to get to the market before 9am to get first pick of the produce.

Heather kindly gave me samples of the eggs & mushrooms.

Will be making breakfast with them & All Natural Meat Co sausages. Stay tuned!

Yogi Nectar

Sparkling live probiotic kefir.

This fermented probiotic drink helps in maintaining a healthy balance of good digestive bacteria needed for accessing nutrients from the food we eat. 

Beagle & the Bagel's fresh bagels. Juliette & Ulani is the team behind 'B&B'

Bagels to go or they will make you one with gourmet fillings.

Sue Beckinsale, the market manager with the girls from 'B&B'

Spend the morning at the market & do lunch at Bangalow or Byron.

'B&B's' smoked salmon, cream cheese & home made pickles bagel.

Gold coast is only 20mins away.

Simply Divine Cupcakes. Arguably the 'best' I have tasted.

Facilities at the market are great - lots of toilets, parking & bins

Vishnu Hedemark from Simply Cupcakes is extending her range.

When you visit the market, a must visit is Mt Warning.

Ian McRae - look for the bonnie red hat at Nudgel Nuts.

A wonderful range of macadamias from raw to lightly roasted nuts & more!

Nudgel Nut's 'Mandarin Addiction' chocolate macadamia coated with mandarin dust.

Great to include in gift hampers or on their own "just because" ...

Duska Jefed from Spice Palace - makers of many little yummy things.

Their range of Mediterranean influenced spices adds zest to any meal.

Duska's Baklava

Also look for Byron Tempeh and Miso at Spice Palace.

Summerland Olives & olive oil from local grown are available at Spice Palace.

Support the local growers & farmers

Silva from Silva Lining Organics - vegetables & herbs

Lots of stalls with fresh vegetables & herbs.

Apples from Stanthorpe with Gavin - Manning the stall

Prioirity is given to local farmers & producers at this market

Kaye McNaught from Tweed River Pecans

Pecan, one of my favourite nut!

Tweed River Pecans - raw or roasted in many varieties

Locally farmed & made.

Greg James Farmer's Choice Organics

Vegetables & Herbs organic seedlings

Sue Beckinsale with Jon & Gina from Crabbes Creek Woodfired - very popular

Organic sourdough breads & freshly made pizzas. Great breads & pizzas!

Sourdough breads are baked in their bakery's woodfired oven

The pizzas are made on Jon's travelling oven at the market

Avi Mishtler Organic Farm produces organic vegetables - do try Avi's garlic

More organic produce. Avi loves a chat.

Barry McClean Tweed Caldera Raw Honey.

Traditional varieties

Sarah Smith from Crumbs & Stuff - a foodie's delight

Must try Sarah's cakes & slices.

Her best selling 'Salted Caramel' sauce.

Lots of choices & great packaging.

Biscuits & Cookies from Crumbs & Stuff

One wouldn't hurt!

Will Everest from Everest Farm. He is the fourth generation to work the family farm.

Local eateries to try - Modern Grocer, Juju', Mavis's Kitchen & Art Gallery Cafe

Stephen & Kylie from Rainbow Fruits Flats.

Stallholders must live within a 55km radius of Murwillumbah.

11th Hour Coffee's Alastair & his Coffee Van. Uses locally grown coffee.

A well travelled coffee van, has been catering to events as far as Darwin.

Des & Donna of Cecil farm & their fresh fruits & vegetables

Murwillumbah Farmers Market is in my top 3 markets in the region

Exposure by
Corey Tai
Murwillumbah NSW Australia


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