River Penang Restaurant - authentic Malaysian Chinese food
The Promenade, Robina Town Centre Dr, Robina, Gold Coast, Qld

Penang Fried Tofu & Shrimp paste - 10 pieces for only $6.20.

Crispy on the outside & silken on the inside & good for you!

River Penang food style is one of my all time favourite cuisines - Malyasian & Chinese. Southern Chinese style cuisine blended with Malay spices, chillis, coconut milk and cream is what Malaysian Chinese style cuisine is all about. Add a few well cooked Nyonya* dishes makes this restaurant the nearest thing to my favourite food country in the world, Malaysia - a foodie's heavan.

A very brief note on Nyonya food. Hundreds of years ago, early Chinese settlers arrived in Melacca during the Ming dynasty and married local Malay. This blending of two cultures produced a amazing blend of wonderful food called nyonya using local ingredients that are tangy, aromatic, spicy and herbal. Nyonya food is also known as Peranakan cuisine.

Nyonya Style Fried Rice served with chicken curry

Nyonya cuisine is absolutely wonderful - fusion at it's absolute BEST!

Menu is very extensive & authentic. My #1 pick is the Penang Char Keow Teow!

All the chefs are Malaysian born Chinese - a must for this style of food.

Malaysian Skewered Chicken with Satay sauce.

3 big sticks of chicken. And the satay sauce is very well made.

The front of house team with owner Noah Xu (left).

River Penang is in the food precinct within Robina Town Centre, Gold Coast

BBQ Chicken & Ramen. Typical 'dry' style marinated egg noodles & BBQ chicken.

A note - River Penang is a 'halal' restaurant. No Pork is served.

Fried Rice with Salty Fish & Diced Chicken

Another one of my all time favourite quick meals, together with over a 100 plus others!

Stir Fried Combination Seafood Ho Fun in Egg Sauce

Ho Fun is a type of Chinese noodle. Flat & cut wide & can be fried or used in noodle soups.

River Penang is open 7 days for lunch & dinner.

Other dishes to try - Hainan Chicken Rice & Combination Laksa

Snapshot by
Corey Tai
Robina Gold Coast Qld Australia


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